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All of our products are military spec used by law enforcement and military personnel in their duties and operations. Therefore, our products are greatly appreciated by our customers such as Japanese government agencies, client companies and individual customers in Japan.

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Committed to provide high quality products to professionals and individual customers.

  • Sales Business for Government Agencies

    Sales Business for Government Agencies

    We receive compliments about our products from our Government Agency customers.

  • Import and Sales Agency Business / Product Developpement,Plannning Business

    Import and Sales Agency Business / Product Developpement<br>, Plannning Business.

    Introduction of our latest products, sales and product developpement with various oversea companies.

  • E-Commerce Business

    E-Commerce Business

    Our EC site is open for individual customers who are interested in our product line-up.

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List of brands which SKC is working with as their retailer in Japan.

The Brand ARC'TERYX provides mil-spec products for military and law enforcement agencies. LEAF stands for "Law Enforcement & Armed Forces".
Providing strong support for mil and law enforcement officers is their purpose.

SureFire is world first flashlight manufacturer for military and law enforcement officers. SureFire flashlight products stay fuctional in extreme temperature because of their commitment for development and inovation.

They are providing World top class Load Carrige Syetem for military and law enforcement officers all over the world. They succeeded in 40 % weight reduction in comparison with their previous models and high survival rate system are added to their products.

Hazard4 is a leading company of corresponded sling bags. They are designing and manufacturing their products for users to survive through crittical situation.

Team Wendy has been developping hetmet with liner system. Team Wendy helmets are appreciated by military and law enforcement officers all over the world.

HOpE (Hard Operation Equipment's) is our original brand. The concept is to create inovative products through mixing ideas given by professinals and craftsman.

General Starlight Company Inc. is the leading Canadian manufacturer of electro-optical equipment, establishing itself at the forefront of the evolving Night Vision and Thermal Imaging industry.

Ops-Core is known as a manufacturer of highly inovated helmet system. They provide helmets with high adaptability. They can integrate with various functions.

Inovative PIG Glove products are widely welcomed by military professionals and civilian shooters.

Princeton Tec is known as one of the pioneers of lighting tools. Their Tactical Line is greatly appreciated by outdoor athletes and US military professionals.

SALOMON, known as an outdoor sports shoes manufacturer, created an outdoor sports shoes brand for military, police and law enforcement officers.

Magpul are curently known as a weapon design company using polymer. Their accessories compatible with the latest interface are used by military and law enforcement officers around the globe.


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